Steel and concrete disappeared on 9/11

What happened to the front of this postal truck? Where did the front end and part of the roof go?
Why is the hood okay but everything around it is gone or severely damaged?

What caused these holes?
I don't know where the fuel tanks are on trucks like this but the damage seems to high up to be from a fuel fed fire.

These next 3 photos show the same truck getting large holes over time
9/11 NBC 3:28-4:09

9/11 NBC 4:09-4:51

Source: 9/12 TV Internet Archive NBC 9:39-10:32
You can see right through the truck here in the large hole. Don't believe me? Check the video.

Where are the door handles, the car hood, the roof of the bus, the seats in the bus?

Where is the car hood?
In all this fire and devastation, the tree hasn't burned at all. It's leaves are still green and intact.

Cars on FDR drive, with no door handles. Glass and rubber parts are also gone.

Buildings with missing parts - WTC 4

What can slice off and remove part of a building like a knife cutting through cake?
2/3 of the building is just gone.

You can see lots of tower facade but where are the remains of WTC4?
A little corner of WTC4 near the bottom of this photo is shown in the next photo below - it's the saggy bit.


WTC 4 before 9/11

WTC 4 was 9 stories high and was occupied by Deutsche Bank and the New York Board of Trade.

This Lidar image showing heights at ground zero.
I added a black outline showing where WTC 4 used to be.
WTC 4 and 5 (to the left of 4 in this image) were 9 story buildings.

Debris pile from the towers is much too small

Source: Where did the towers go? by Judy Wood, p. 173.
Video showing core columns of north tower turning to dust

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