Videos of the Pentagon Security cameras from the History Commons

Video from far camera

Video from closer camera

Security Camera still images

Close camera
Far camera

Nose of missile entering at the far right

Exhaust of missile at far right, note this frame is taken a fraction of a second later than that of the close camera because the missile is a little further along

I think this is the pink smoke Dmitri refers to as probable exhaust from a Granit missile. Boeings don't make exhaust at ground level.
Note the trail of pink smoke to the right

Closer view of the pink smoke, contrast enhanced image

Closer view of the pink smoke, contrast enhanced image

Note the dark stuff to the left of the explosion

Looks a bit mushroomy?

Looks a bit mushroomy?

Debris lands on the sidewalk, then blows into the street in next image.

Debris from sidewalk now in the street.

What happened to the security camera here??? Images before show debris on sidewalk, after on street.

Supposed leaked video showing missile hitting the Pentagon

Pentagon at 10:40 Eastern time, clean lawn, light poles intact.
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