Videos of the plane impact show signs of tampering

I went to the 9/11 Television Archive to test some of the evidence in Simon's September Clues video.

A round gray ball approaching the tower can be seen in the NBC video for 8:30-9:12 at 31:43 into the video. We don't see the explosion in this clip but we do see it in the same longer clip shown later (at 40:12). Here are the first 4 seconds of the ball video. You can see the ball in the upper right corner, approaching the towers slowly.

At 40:06 they show the video with the ball again. In this sequence the explosion is also seen.
The gray ball is difficult to see but it's just to the right of the roofline of the tower.
Check it for yourself at: NBC video for 8:30-9:12 Scroll to time: 40:06.

Five seconds later we see the orange fireball emerging.

It is important to note that in this video sequence with the gray ball, we do NOT see any plane approach from the right side of the towers, on a path horizontal to the ground as is seen in all other videos of the plane approach.

Below is the flight path of the gray ball. It makes a very steep descent. This flight path is incompatible with the damage done to the tower.


There's one more thing about the video sequence of the gray ball that is of concern. It's a dark dot that seems to move along the same path the gray ball was on but it shows up in front of tower 2. The red circle shows where to look.
The best way to see it is to view the NBC video, scroll to time 40:09 to see the dark spot moving downwards and to the left a short distance.

Still watching the same NBC video we see a dark plane approach and hit the tower at 39:51.

The plane enters the video at 39:51

At 39:52 we see the first puff from the explosion, and at 39:53 we can see an orange puff expanding outward.

These 2 very different video sequences were shown back to back on NBC but they are clearly incompatible. One shows a small round gray ball approaching slowly on a steep descent; the other shows a fast flat gray plane approaching horizontal to the ground. The gray ball video is the one supposedly captured live. This is the footage we see first around 9:00 am when tower 2 was supposedly hit.
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Updated March 28, 2011.