Car Fires

What caused 1400 cars to catch fire and/or explode on 9/11?

Source: Where did the towers go? by Judy Wood

Locations of burnt cars several blocks away from the towers on FDR drive
How did cars so far away from WTC catch fire?

Flipped and burned vehicles

This is thought to be the exit ramp at the Brooklyn Bridge and FDR drive.
Many burnt cars, yet 2 under the bridge are dusty but unharmed, why?

Corner of Broadway and Barclay, Building 7 is on the right, USPS is on the left.
In the background you can see WTC5 on fire on the left and WTC 6 on the right.
One postal truck and several cars are burnt but another postal truck looks unharmed.

Here we have stepped back one block from the previous photo and are now at 30 West Barclay.
Why did fires occur this far away from WTC? Note the leaves still on the tree.

Here we are looking at the front of the bus from the previous photo, 30 W. Barclay is on the left.
Where are the door handles? It's as if they vaporized.

Here we have stepped back a little more, 30 W. Barclay is still on the left.

Burnt postal truck at 100 Church St. What happened to the front end? And why is the hood still intact but everything around it is gone?
Note that the truck behind it appears unharmed.

Where are the door handles, the car hood, the roof of the bus, the seats in the bus?

Look at the tree
Where is the car hood?

Burnt police car on FDR drive.

Cars on FDR drive, with no door handles.

So many cars on FDR drive, so far away from ground zero.

Half burnt cop car on FDR Drive. Why didn't the red plastic light melt? No door handle.

Police car on FDR drive.

Cars on FDR drive.

Cars on FDR drive. What kind of fire reduces a car to this?

Cars on FDR drive.


Firetruck with melted ladder

One car on fire in parking lot? Notice the debris, this photo was taken post collapse but before cleanup began. Why is this car on fire?

Cars in parking lot near WTC

How long does it take for cars to rust?

Car on fire but not the nearby tree, which still has leaves on it!


Source: 911 Digital Archive, photo 338
One of many leaning parking meters seen near ground zero

Source: 911 Digital Archive, photo 843. Is this a tow truck? There are at least 2 cars on top of it.

Source: 9/12 TV Internet Archive NBC 9:39-10:32

Source: 9/12 TV Internet Archive NBC 9:39-10:32

9/11 NBC 8:19-9:01

Sutavee video on ABC 9/11 4:09-4:51

9/11 NBC 8:19-9:01.

9/11 NBC 8:19-9:01

9/11 NBC 3:28-4:09

9/11 NBC 3:28-4:09

9/11 NBC 3:28-4:09

9/11 NBC 7:38-8:19

9/11 NBC 3:28-4:09

9/11 NBC 4:09-4:51

9/11 NBC 3:28-4:09

video: 9/11 WTC basement smoke and cars on fire BEFORE any collapse

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